Trebotti: a zero-impact winery. For real.

Trebotti has accepted the challenge of cultivating Manzoni Bianco with organic methods in Lazio region. Typically, Manzoni Bianco is cultivated in North-Eastern Italy. Why that? Because the three Botti brothers (Tre-three-Botti) are the grand-grand-grand children of Luigi Manzoni, the Italian agronomist which developed the variety!

Trebotti winery is also for organic farming because it has adopted a production without any sulphites.

Not only. In 2019, Trebotti winery has registered zero-impact balance in terms of CO2 emissions. What does it mean? That all the CO2 produced by Trebotti processes are compensated by the different innovative technologies put in place by the winery. For example, bottles are 20% lighter than others, the wine label is completely recyclable, the by-products of production are reused and reduced.

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